Opera 12 64bit /32bit+ Gmail videochat plugin = plugin crushed ,opera too

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Icceman napisał(a):

I have a issues with
Opera 12 64bit/ 32 bit- does not matter which.
Current flash (reinstalled to be sure )
current version of gmail video chat plugin (with or without additional lab enchanted functionality)(reinstalled to be sure )
with or without acceleration set on, does not matter .

Everything works with previous version.
Now there is only info that plug in crashed and video chat does not work, opera is crushing too after some time.

gmail is loosing bottoms (more mails) and crashing opera too

andol napisał(a):

You are at the Polish Opera forum wink

I confirm the "plugin crashed" problem on gmail chat.

evaemman napisał(a):

I can access my office mails in opera without logging in to my inbox.. but whn im forced to get gmail nd yahoo as a opera clien i am unable to make it up... Hving some issues,,, server is not responding ,,,
Can any 1 suggest the configuration settings for ths??? rolleyes