English speaking friend wanted from Poland

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Mr Bentley napisał(a):

Hi people, my name is Daniel and i would like some friends to chat to from Poland.

jasisz napisał(a):

Why exactly from Poland? wink

Mr Bentley napisał(a):

Because i'll be moving there in march 07 and would like to meet like-minded people that i can talk to.

Xeophyte napisał(a):

huh, why in this forum actually?

golew napisał(a):

Originally posted by Xeophyte:

huh, why in this forum actually?

Because it's polish forum? wink

Kasienka88 napisał(a):

DO you still want to talk?
(are you want to learnt polish?)
A tak swoją drogą niewielu tu z Polski...wink

janbar napisał(a):

A ile to niewielu? ;]



IGI2 napisał(a):

Wielu smile