The MyOpera forums will be closed tomorrow

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IlyaShpankov napisał(a):

Dear friends!

We spent over 10 years at this forum, but tomorrow it practically will be stopped, and on March 3 and will be removed from Opera servers.

This is a very sad event. But there is solution: I invite all of you to continue our discussions (all) at a forum of a portal of , created by developers team under the leadership of Jon von Tetzchner.

We will keep our community and we will make it even more strong!

Medium napisał(a):

Thanks for the message, Ilya! up

magnuspeterlangeland napisał(a):

Hey Ilya,

Our forums will not be closed, just moved. All content will be moved as well. Tomorrow, these forums will be in read-only mode while we move them to our new platform at

In addition to the forums, you can also read what we’re up to on our blogs.

Hope to see you there!

Saskatchewan napisał(a):

Originally posted by magnuspeterlangeland:

All content will be moved as well.

Are you sure? Where will it be moved to?

Originally posted by chooseopera:

What about the forums?

Our forums will be moving to The most important existing threads will be moved across, and you will be able to use your My Opera account to log in and continue the discussion.


Originally posted by digmed:

To avoid launching the new forums completely empty we'll be importing some content from the My Opera forums.


The My Opera forums are being replaced by our new forums. Starting February 26th, the My Opera forums will be in read-only mode. On March 3rd, they will be removed along with the rest of My Opera.

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