Opera 10 z 16 lipca 2009 (build win:1643)

w dziale Wersje beta, testowe i rozwojowe
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Główne zmiany
- dalsze poprawki w skórce
- zrezygnowali z czerwonego tła strony z błędem

User Interface
Restyled Home Button
Further tweaking of opera:x, error and fraud pages look
New icons for setting status in a chat window
Fixed Bug DSK-256805 (Opera crashes when dragging separator to trash can)
Fixed Bug DSK-258230 (Padlock icon stretched on Security Information dialog): Full set of padlock icons for security dialog

Fixed Bug CORE-16936 (Flickering and freezing - always scrolling to top (rtl.de))
Fixed Bug CORE-18854 (Going to a fraud URL with a username crashes Opera)
Fixed Bug CORE-22634 (Local cookies aren't listed in site pref cookie tab (caused problems for Unite))
Fixed Bug DSK-200545 (Cookie crash on exit)
Fixed Bug DSK-256433 (Gmail locks up when zoomed)
Fixed Bug DSK-258426 (Infinite iframe recursion when src=="javascript:void(0)", until memory runs out)

Fixed Bug CORE-22048 (Links opened from mail and newsfeeds stop loading when you focus another mail/feed entry)
Fixed Bug DSK-257739 (Importing mail fails when files are open)

Opera Unite
Changed "Home" To "My Opera Unite page"
Disabled advanced settings button if "disabled" is selected
Fixed Bug DSK-254303 (Installing Unite services from file (on disk), breaks service when deleting file)
Fixed Bug DSK-254960 (Changing service name in replacement dialog is not reflected in admin view): Setting service name during installation only applied in the gadget after re-start
Partial Fix of Bug DSK-257931 (Add visibility of Unite users on the local network): The local service discovery, UI part
Fixed Bug DSK-258328 (Logging out and logging in with a different username doesnt work): Storing username even though password isn't stored
Fixed Bug DSK-258449 ('Restart Opera Unite' option checked by default on start-up dialog even when Unite is not enabled)
Fixed Bug DSK-258470 (Global visibility options not saved when enabling Unite)

Improvements to panel appearance

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właśnie zobaczyłem, niech jakiś moderator usunie temat....

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właśnie zobaczyłem, niech jakiś moderator usunie temat....

A dlaczegóż by to...? beta to beta... snapshot to snapshot...