Opera 10.50 RC5 dla Windows z 1 marca (win-3296)

w dziale Wersje beta, testowe i rozwojowe
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Chyba ostatnia RC... p


Originally posted by Desktop Team:

Fixed Carakan crash at Facebook
Fixed CORE-27932 (Fixed background corrupted on scroll (large negative text-indent))
Fixed CORE-28201 (Find in page crashes if search string starts with space)
Fixed CORE-28214 (Opera freezes on loading altglyph testcase)
Fixed CORE-27755 (Multiple xslt keys with the same name cause crash)
Fixed CORE-28212 (The control buttons of widgets can no longer be disabled)
Fixed CORE-28223 (If minimized is called twice, make sure the previous window state is still remembered - related to DSK-279060 (Minimized tabs don't display after restart))
Fixed DSK-269751 (Autoupdated 10.01/10.10 doesn't start)
Fixed DSK-284468 (Closing Opera while you are on a page with Adobe Shockwave causes crash)
Fixed DSK-284486 (Adobe shockwave has stopped working)
Fixed DSK-284519 (Unite shoutbox doesn't allow posting more than 100 messages)
Fixed DSK-284349 (Create Search doesn't work)
Fixed DSK-284410 (Sends all bookmarks to link on every startup)
Fixed DSK-283223 (Widget doesn't save view mode)

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Jest już wersja stabilna do pobrania na stronie Opery, o tym samym numerze.

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