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non-troppo napisał(a):

Hello all,

I was wondering what people here regarded as being the best online translation service for English<->Polish?

And while I'm here, I give you all some beer beer beer — Polish Opera users are really some of the most helpful and productive members of the community.

Polish has now been added to my languages to learn list, straight in at No. 2! wink

See: http://my.opera.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=88935 for more...

Jakub81 napisał(a):

I don't want to discourage you, but Polish is a *very* difficult language wink

PL-EN / EN-PL dictionary:

PL-EN / EN-PL translator (but it's weak):

l_and_c napisał(a):

(na polski - translate to Polish)
(na angielski - translate to English)



mapijasz napisał(a):

Re: Polskification...

non-troppo napisał(a)
See: http://my.opera.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=88935 for more...

Na angielskim się średnio znam, ale to chyba zrozumiałem i się mnie podoba:

There must be something in their their Bigos and Kielbasa to give them more energy than the rest of us.

yes beer

michmaj napisał(a):

Wow, that was nice. I really needed that. :-)

TomekQ napisał(a):

We have to convert every Opera poweruser to learn polish and then we can have all discussions here:) beer Hope you will like polish:)

non-troppo napisał(a):

Thanks for the help (Jakub, yes I know but what the hell!). I look forward to my Bigos from my local Polish delicatessan tonight! cheers

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michmaj napisał(a):

You are what you eat, so as long as you eat bigos and kielbasa you don't really need to speak Polish ;-)